Honeymania Body Scrub by Body Shop

Honeymania Body Scrub by the Body Shop

Honeymania Body Scrub by the Body Shop

Finally someone has invented a sugar scrub that exfoliates and moisturizes without either scratching your skin or leaving a slippery residue in the bottom of the bathtub–Body Shop, with its deliciously scented Honeymania Body Scrub. (I kind of want to eat it, but that’s not recommended.)

The scrub, which will make your bathroom smell just like a summer meadow in July, contains fair trade honey from Ethiopia, a natural moisturizer that also has antibacterial properties.

Although the product is categorized as a “scrub,” which sounds harsh, it’s actually very soft, creamy and spreadable; you can smooth it on with little effort. Other sugar scrubs contain granules so large they can scratch the skin; in contrast, the Honeymania scrub has a gooey, smooth, emollient texture.

Even better is the fact it rinses off clean without leaving sugar grains or a greasy film behind; you emerge from your shower feeling smooth and soft rather than oily and you don’t have to be afraid of falling in your tub the next time you step into it.

To be fair, the scrub doesn’t really bubble; but I also purchased the very-bubbly Honeymania shower gel, which is dense and heavily scented, just the way I like it. And I must sheepishly admit I also bought the body butter, which sinks into the skin fast, a benefit I appreciate. I’m a sucker for a nice bath and body product set.

The Honeymania line also includes a lip balm, a bath melt (so tempting!) and related products; you can find your own at your local Body Shop location.

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