Avon Moisture Therapy Intensive Healing and Repair Body Wash

Avon Moisture Therapy Body Wash

Avon Moisture Therapy Body Wash

I was initially skeptical of Avon Moisture Therapy Intensive Healing and Repair Body Wash because most body washes that claim to be moisturizing just rinse off and go down the drain without any effect, so I figured this product would be the same. No! I was wrong. I was quite surprised to find this body wash actually delivers what it promises: real hydration and softness, and without any annoying greasiness.

The body wash has a creamy texture and it takes a few seconds to rub it in, so take the time to disperse it so it really soaks in. There are no perfumes or fragrances. Normally I love a strong fragrance, but when it comes to raw, chapped, dry, red or overly sensitive skin, fragrance can be irritating, so this scent free formulation is great as-is.

I would recommend this product to those who suffer from skin sensitivity year round as well as those who feel overly dry in winter or early spring due to the lack of indoor humidity. I fall into the latter camp; my dry skin is seasonal. I would probably switch to a lighter body wash in the summer. But I will go right back to this in the fall when the humidity levels drop again.

Where I got my body wash: My Avon lady.

Where you can get your body wash: You local Avon representative or via avon.com.

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