Ramune Japanese Plum Soda

Ramune Plum Soda from Japan

Ramune Plum Soda from Japan

You’ve got to admire a soda that comes with special instructions on how to open and drink it properly!

I recently enjoyed some refreshing Ramune Plum Soda imported by Sangaria, a type of Japanese “marble soda” that must be popped open by dislodging the glass marble from the throat of the bottle. When you drink Ramune, you have to tilt the bottle so the glass marble will drop into an indentation, otherwise it will block your flow of soda.

The bottle comes with a special plastic top that you snap in two. One part serves as the instrument to dislodge the marble. Beware, you should do this on a flat, steady surface so you can apply as much pressure as needed to pop the marble. When it pops, the soda releases a loud cloud of fizz. Kids will love it (although you might have to pop the marble for them).

Ramune in Japan comes in so many wonderful flavors–we cannot get them all here in the United States. Some flavors available in Japan in the past included lychee, bubble gum, yuzu, pineapple, curry, wasabi and octopus!

Having been to Japan once, I can solemnly swear and attest the Japanese make some of the best sodas and snack foods on earth, if not the absolute #1 best snacks and beverages on earth. The flavors are so daring and imaginative! The packaging is always so cheerful and beautifully designed. I can’t get enough.

Where I got my marble soda: Wegmans

Where you can get your marble soda: Wegmans

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