A Peach of a Soda: Peach Nehi

Peach Nehi Soda

Peach Nehi Soda

Established in 1924, the Nehi Soda brand (now part of the Dr Pepper Snapple Groupis famous for a bevy of fruity sodas, including past flavors like grapefruit, watermelon and “Sangria.”

Grape Nehi typically gets all of the attention; the character Radar O’Reilly in the popular TV series M*A*S*H chugged it in lieu of alcohol, for example. Although grape might be the star, my favorite Nehi flavor by far (of the limited options still available) is peach.

The coral color is cheerful, the vintage long-necked bottle is stylish, and the peachy flavor makes me think nostalgically of humid summer picnics and runny, sticky popsicles and Atlanta, with all its peach themed streets, a place that renowned for being hot.

Sadly, some of the most amazing Nehi flavors no longer exist, like the Nehi “Upper 10” Lemon flavor with lithium, advertised as a “jolly good mixer” in 1934, and touted as a great substitute for coffee. I bet it was!

Where I got my soda: North Market Pop Shop

Where you can get your soda: Beverages Direct

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