A Guilt Free Chocolate Treat for the Bath from Savage Soaps

Savage Soaps Chocolate Indulgence

Savage Soaps Chocolate Indulgence

I am a huge fan of my local handcrafted soap company Savage Soaps of Frederick, Maryland, and my favorite Savage Soaps product by far is their cocoa scented Chocolate Indulgence Body Wash. I am already working through my second bottle of the stuff, which is high praise from Miss Bubbles.

Chocolate Indulgence is definitely a body wash, not a bath gel, so a small amount in the palm of your hand foams up quickly and easily without being sticky or goopy; it is light and clean rinsing. Pour the bottle carefully so you don’t accidentally spill out too much.

Chocolate Indulgence can also be used as a bubble bath. I enjoy it as a bubble bath because I can actually still smell the chocolate scent after pouring it; the scents of other bubble bath products dissipate far too quickly. It makes sense that this body wash has an effective smell; the company owner is an aromatherapist, after all.

Another great feature is Chocolate Indulgence will not make your bathtub or shower stall slippery after use. I hate it when I take a relaxing bubble bath at night and then nearly give myself a heart attack by slipping in my tub the next morning, something I never have to worry about with this or any other Savage Soaps product.

This body wash also feels good to use because it supports a small business that handcrafts its small batches of bath and body products locally.

I encourage you to visit the cute little Savage Soaps retail location in historic Frederick, right across the street from the popular Church Street parking garage.

Where I got my body wash: Savage Soaps

Where you can get your body wash: Select Whole Foods locations and other shops listed on the Savage Soaps site


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