Pores Be Pure Skin Clarifying Mud Mask by Formula 10.0.06

Pores Be Pure Skin Clarifying Mud Mask by Formula 10.0.6

Pores Be Pure Skin Clarifying Mud Mask by Formula 10.0.6

I ran into my local Ulta in a complete rage a few months ago because of another frustrating flare up of my adult acne. I was on a rampage to find new products to help me clear up my face and I came home with a basket full of stuff, hoping at least one would help me.

I had never heard of the brand Formula 10.0.06 before, but I was instantly drawn to their tone-on-tone pink packaging for their Pores Be Pure Skin Clarifying Mud Mask with Strawberry and Yarrow. It turns out my unplanned splurge was a winner!

This mud mask isn’t muddy at all; instead it’s a delightful pastel violet color with a smooth, liquid clay-like consistency–not grainy like a scrub (there is actually some kaolin clay included in the mask to help zap oil). The mask feels cooling and tingly, which is a sensation I enjoy when battling my oily pores–it makes me feel like I’m really achieving a victory.

Also, this is a great product for those sweaty summer days when you want to get uber-clean using bracing products that feel like ice to the skin–very refreshing. (If you have sensitive skin, however, this is not the product for you, and I advise you opt for a milder formula because this mask might make you feel too uncomfortable. But for people with normal to oily skin, this stuff feels fantastic.)

The mask also smells great, not at all medicinal or earthy. To me it smells like raspberries, although the packaging clearly indicates strawberry is included.

I have heard eating strawberries will help remove stains from the teeth, so it makes sense this clarifying mask would use strawberry as an ingredient to help clean dirt from the pores. Yarrow is known for its brightening and lightening effects, so it also makes sense for yarrow to be in this product.

This is one of those masks that you leave on until it dries. Every time you move a muscle in your face, you get that fun crackling feeling.

The mask is easy to rinse off with warm water and you won’t be left with a filmy residue on your face. When I rinse this mask off, my skin always feels really soft and clean.

While I cannot say this product is an acne fighter per se, it definitely helps to keep my face clear and clean, so it will remain in my adult acne arsenal. The manufacturer recommends using this one to three times per week.

Some bloggers claim this mask helps to temporarily reduce the size of pores, but I don’t usually squint that closely at myself, so I cannot tell if it has the same effect on me.

I’ll be using this mask all summer long, just because it feels so cooling and refreshing, and it smells so nice. I love the lavender color, too. Just a fun product all around.

Where I got my mask: Ulta

Where you can get your mask: Ulta


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