A Gentle and All Natural Cleansing Oil and Makeup Remover

InstaNatural Deep Cleansing Facial Oil

InstaNatural Deep Cleansing Facial Oil

InstaNatural Deep Cleaning Facial Oil rocks! I was initially skeptical about how an oil-based product could serve as a cleanser, especially on my already-oily skin. I was happy to discover this cleanser works, even for someone like me with an oily complexion. So, without further ado, here are 20 reasons why I love this product:

1. The product claims are true. This cleansing oil really removes dirt, cosmetics and impurities. (I could show you my used cotton balls to prove it, but that would be a little gross. But…it was nice to have evidence of effectiveness.)
2. The oil smells good! To me, the scent is like an herbal-citrus mix. Very pleasant.
3. The texture is almost like a dry oil, so you don’t feel greasy on application. You still have to rinse this cleanser off, but you won’t feel like a hazardous oil slick before you do.
4. You can spell all of the ingredients, because they are all natural.
5. When you rinse the oil off, it rinses clean very quickly and with little effort. No lingering residue (including no residue on the sink).
6. My pores did not clog up, and my face was not any oilier than before. My skin felt soft and hydrated, but clean.
7. No stripping–some cleansers make my face feel tight and squeaky, like all the natural oils have been stripped off–not this cleanser! No dryness, no irritation, no tightness, no discomfort.
8. You get a lot for the money. This bottle will last a long time and provide many weeks of daily use.
9. No crazy artificial colors to stain your clothes or sink.
10. The product contains a bunch of proven ingredients I really trust, like olive oil and sea buckthorn oil.
11. This baby is packed with antioxidants to combat skin damage from the sun.
12. I know I am not supposed to care about this part, but the packaging is modern and stylish, so I don’t mind the bottle sitting out where people can see it. (This is far better packaging than some of InstaNatural’s older labels.)
13. Like the company says, this product feels gentle.
14. Although the company says this formula is “energizing,” to me it was more relaxing (maybe because of the lavender). Therefore it was nice to use this oil before bedtime.
15. No allergic reactions! I am allergic to a ton of stuff (citrus included), but I did not react to this product, even though it had a wide variety of ingredients–herbal, floral, citrus, etc. Now if you are an allergic person, I urge you to do your own spot test and/or ask your allergist for advice first before using this cleansing oil, especially if any ingredients in this product are on your personal “no-no” list. But maybe you will have great luck like I did and will be able to use the product without any fuss.
16. Although the cleansing oil is all natural (no manmade preservatives added), the brown tinted bottle will keep it fresher longer.
17. No animal testing!
18. Convenient spray application means no spills when you accidentally knock the bottle into the sink (as I did several times).
19. Comes in a glass bottle you can recycle.
20. Made in the USA, so you can trust the quality and the ingredients list.

InstaNatural has a winner with this lovely cleanser.

Where I got my cleanser: Amazon

Where you can get your cleanser: Amazon

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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