Foxbrim Seaweed Complex Lotion is Light but Effective

Foxbrim Seaweed Complex Lotion

Foxbrim Seaweed Complex Lotion

Seaweed is known for its anti-inflammatory, moisturizing and detoxifying properties, so it used in a variety of skincare and hair care products, including acne-fighting formulations.

If you are new to the benefits of seaweed and would like to try it out, a good place to start is with Foxbrim Seaweed Complex Lotion, which can be used on both the face and the body.

Although this lotion is thicker than a gel, it is not greasy or oily, so it won’t clog your pores. The lotion absorbs quickly, leaving a pleasant, soft texture behind. In fact, I was really impressed by how soft my winter-battered hands felt after using this product, which smells relaxing and oceanic. (Caution: I enjoyed the scent of this lotion, but those with sensitive noses should try an unscented lotion instead.)

Foxbrim’s seaweed lotion contains other natural ingredients that are powerful hydrators, yet lightweight in texture: safflower oil, aloe and jojoba oil. Green tea is also included to brighten, clear and invigorate the skin.

Another benefit of this lotion is no animal testing is ever used in its production, and it is Made in the USA. The container has a pump dispenser mechanism and a small nozzle, so you can carefully control how much lotion you use each time without worrying about spills.

Where I got my seaweed lotion: Amazon

Where you can get your seaweed lotion: Amazon

I was provided a free container of this product in exchange for my honest review.

Use Coupon Code BubblesandFoam to Get $10 off Adovia Purifying Mud Mask Now Through February 22

As many readers of this blog already know, I am a fan of the Adovia line of skincare, bath and body products, all of which are incredibly effective and contain luxurious Dead Sea salts and minerals from Israel.

Adovia Purifying Mud Mask

Adovia Purifying Mud Mask

For a limited time, you can get $10 off the Adovia Purifying Mud Mask, which uses smooth Dead Sea mud to help wick dirt and oil out of your pores, by ordering at the Cleopatra’s Choice website and using the coupon code “BubblesandFoam” at checkout.

When I started using this mask, I was battling an unusual bout of adult acne and facial oiliness. I eagerly slathered on Adovia’s mask, which felt smooth, silky and cool upon application.

After a few moments, my face began to tingle, but this never caused any irritation or redness. As the mask dried on my face, the color changed from a dark, almost black tone of gray to a smoky light gray, indicating it was time to rinse off with warm water. Although there was a slight scent to the mud, it was very mild, barely detectable and not unpleasant.

The mask rinsed off quickly and without difficulty with just a little bit of water, leaving my face feeling fresh, clean and devoid of oil. My skin was left soft and hydrated because the mask contains aloe, olive oil, jojoba oil, evening primrose oil, and other nurturing natural ingredients to prevent dryness.

Over the next 24 hours, I noticed immediate improvement in my acne, which started to shrink and dry. The redness in my blemishes was measurably reduced as well. This redness reducing effect might be from the chamomile in the mask.

All in all, this mask delivered on its promises and helped me to combat an unusually bad bout of oiliness and acne without drying out my skin.

Adovia Purifying Mud Mask comes in a large tube, so you are guaranteed dozens of applications of the product. It can be used weekly, or more often if your skin is oily.

Where I got my mud mask: Cleopatra’s Choice

Where you can get your mud mask: Amazon 

This Unisex Scrub from Dr. Stiffie’s is an Orange and Cream Dream

Dr Stiffies Orange and Cream Scrub

Dr Stiffies Orange and Cream Scrub

Whether you are a guy or a gal, you probably suffer from dry skin now and again, and maybe you don’t like using lotions and creams. Now you have a delicious-smelling alternative to help you hydrate and invigorate while in the shower: Dr. Stiffie’s Orange and Cream Scrub, brought to you by Dr. Stiffie’s apothecary of Winchester, Virginia.

This scrub smells exactly like those orangesicle Push-up Pops that ice cream trucks used to sell us in the summertime; both the citrus and the cream notes in the scrub are strong and balanced, which I love. I don’t want wimpy bath and body products that exude only a whisper of scent; I want bold, decisive scents that last, like in this scrub. The scrub elicits happy childhood summer memories every time I use it.

Sold in an attractive, vintage style Ball jar, Dr. Stiffie’s Orange and Cream scrub contains both salt and sugar granules to exfoliate the skin, along with a variety of natural ingredients known for their ability to soften and moisturize: almond, sunflower and coconut oils. The resulting blend is lightweight enough to rinse off quickly after use, but strong enough to leave a layer of protective moisture behind. Maximize the hydration by patting yourself dry with a towel after your shower, rather than rubbing.

Dr. Stiffie’s prioritizes the use of natural and organic ingredients in its formulations whenever possible, and all product testing is performed on humans, not animals. This scrub is Made in the USA by a small, independent business and helps to support a family. Not only will their products help you look good and smell good, but you will also feel good knowing you supported a growing American enterprise.

Where to buy this scrub:

You can find this orange and cream scrub sold on Ebay under seller name “australianfrenchkiss” or via the brand’s Facebook page, which is: Simply leave the owners a message on their Facebook page and they will get back to you quickly with the price (including postage) and availability. (The scrubs are custom-made in small batches, so always check availability first, and get on the wait list if needed–you won’t regret it.)

Versatile Lemon Essential Oil for Grooming and Cleaning

Pure Body Naturals Lemon Oil

Pure Body Naturals Lemon Oil

If you are new to the world of essential oils, cold pressed Lemon Oil from Pure Body Naturals is a great place to begin your experiments in creating homemade bath and body, grooming and cleaning products.

As you can imagine, this lemon oil has a perky, zesty citrus scent that can be rather intense, and it is in a concentrated formulation. Therefore this lemon oil should almost always be used in diluted form to ensure you don’t experience any adverse or allergic reactions to it (and the citrus scent does not overpower you).

You can simply mix this lemon oil with water and spritz it on your face as an antiseptic toner, or you can spritz it on your shower, sink and bathtub to help degrease, cleanse and deoderize those surfaces.

I enjoyed mixing the lemon oil and water with some plain, unscented Dead Sea salts to create a custom homemade salt scrub. The flaky Dead Sea salts have a gentle texture as compared to table salt, and the lemon scent is divine.

Pure Body Naturals notes you can add a few drops of lemon essential oil to jojoba oil to create a refreshing moisturizer. I have not tried this yet myself, but when I do, I will report the results back to you.

In general, this versatile, all natural product is a great additive to scrubs, lotions, cleaning products and more. The ample 4 ounce glass bottle will last a long time, because you usually will only need 1-3 drops of the oil at a time.

I received a free bottle of this product in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

Where I got my lemon oil: Amazon

Where you can get your lemon oil: Amazon

Lightweight Hydration without Irritation Using Body Merry Hyaluronic Acid Serum

Body Merry Hyaluronic Acid Serum

Body Merry Hyaluronic Acid Serum

This gentle and non-irritating Body Merry Hyaluronic Acid Serum is a light, pleasant gel hydrator with a mildly herbal scent. It comes in a pretty blue glass bottle equipped with an eye dropper-style applicator (so you can control how much serum you dispense).

The serum contains hyaluronic acid that is plant derived, meaning it is all natural and soothing to the skin. Green tea and antioxidants are also included in the formulation to help keep your facial skin bright and even toned.

The serum sinks in quickly, so you can add other products on top without any fuss. As always, I am pleased when a product absorbs without leaving any oily or greasy residue behind, and this serum certainly delivers. Your skin will feel clean and dewy, not sticky or overpowered by product. I found this serum to be refreshing and moisturizing.

My only quibble is the scent; I did not really like it. But others have commented that they enjoy it, so this element comes down to personal preference.

The scent dissipates as the serum absorbs, so the serum does not perfume the skin or conflict with the scent of other facial products.

All in all, this is a pleasant hydrator that helps maintain the overall condition of your skin while leaving you feeling fresh-faced.

Where I got my serum: Amazon

Where you can get your serum: Amazon

Starbucks Flat White is a Flat Out Disappointment

Starbucks flat white

Starbucks flat white

I am an admitted Starbucks addict. Therefore when I heard that Starbucks has a new drink out called the “Flat White,” and subsequently learned this category of beverage is supposedly the darling of Australian coffee aficionados, I was excited.

I really wanted to like the flat white. Served in a tall sized cup, the flat white consists of two ristretto shots (kind of like espresso shots, but with less water involved) and foamed whole milk that has been carefully crafted to have a thick, velvety texture, thicker than in a cappuccino. That sounds delicious, right?

The first flat white I had last week had an amazingly thick, creamy texture as promised, which was the best part of the drink. But the taste? Ugh. The first note I detected was like sour milk–that is not the taste you want for your first sip!

I realized the milk had not actually gone sour, but the coffee beans used to produce the drink possessed bitter notes that in effect made the milk seem sour.

I wanted to give the flat white another chance, so I went to a different Starbucks today, hoping for a more impressive showing. Unfortunately, I think the barista botched it. There was no creamy texture whatsoever, and the flat white tasted incredibly watery.

I wonder if the flat white is simply too complicated for rushed Starbucks baristas to craft properly as they jump and dive behind the counter to keep up with their massive influx of orders and cranky, caffeine deprived patrons.

Sadly, I will not be giving the flat white a third chance. I think Starbucks was ambitious in trying to tackle an Australian staple, but ultimately the flat white will disappear, if you gauge society’s reception by the disappointed and lukewarm online reviews.

Where I got my flat white: two different local Starbucks shops

Where you can get your flat white: Find your closest Starbucks location using