Another Great Fractionated Coconut Oil Option from goPURE Naturals


The versatile coconut

I genuinely love this fractionated coconut oil from goPURE Naturals! It has so many practical uses, and its lightweight, non-greasy texture is very appealing. Thus far I have used the coconut oil to moisturize my skin, as a bath oil and as a hair conditioner.

The fractionated coconut oil works great as a substitute for lotion and absorbs into skin quickly, yet leaves it feeling soft and hydrated. For example, I was able to apply the dry oil to my hands, rub my fingers together for a few brief seconds, and immediately start using my Kindle without leaving any oily smears on the screen. I love how fast the coconut oil dissipates; I don’t have to interrupt any activities to use it, so any time my hands feel dry, I can apply the oil and return to whatever I am doing without leaving grease marks everywhere.

I used a few tablespoons of the oil in a warm bath to soothe dry winter skin. The water felt slick and moisturizing, but the oil did not leave any dangerous residue on the bottom of my bath tub (which is a hazard of some bath oils.) This fractionated coconut oil is a great option for people who enjoy baths without the presence of any scents or perfumes–it is virtually odorless. (I use the caveat “virtually” because if you use too much oil in the bath, you eventually can detect an unpleasant odor. The key is to experiment to find the right number of tablespoons to use so you get the hydration effect on your skin, yet smell nothing.)

I initially tried to use the oil as a leave-in conditioner, but that was too much for my hair, which is fine and thin; it ended up looking sort of greasy and piece-y. I imagine people with other hair textures will not have this same issue, but ultra-fine baby-like hair like mine tends to react badly to many leave-in conditioners.

Next, I used the oil as a rinse-out conditioner, and the results were amazing! My dry, static-plagued locks became soft and shiny, and they regained their bouncy waves. (When my hair is dry, it goes completely flat; but when it is moisturized properly, I have lots of waves.) Now that I have discovered coconut oil is the secret to revive my hair when it is in a winter funk, I will never lose my beloved waves again!

From my experience, I would advise that if you have fine, thin hair like mine, you should use the coconut oil as a rinse-out conditioner rather than a leave-in. You will get all of the desired results without weighing down your hair.

My experiment using the oil as a leave-in hair product also produced the same odor as when I poured too many tablespoons into my bath. Again, moderation and balance is paramount–you need to experiment with the quantity to find what amount is right for your hair, and how much is too much. When you find the sweet spot, the oil is odorless and functions as designed. Don’t let this matter of scent discourage you. By using the right amount, you will not smell anything. If you overdose on the coconut oil, you will be able to tell you applied too much from the scent (which is not a coconut scent, by the way; I find the scent hard to describe. The best word that comes to mind is “funky.”)

Now that I know the proper amount of oil to use, I am going through my bottle like gangbusters and applying it every day. I am a sucker for lightweight hydration that absorbs fast, which this fractionated coconut oil provides, so I expect I will use this entire bottle up during the remainder of the winter season. This product is definitely one of my recent favorites.

I was provided a free sample bottle of this coconut oil in exchange for an honest review.

Where I got my oil, and you can get yours: Amazon

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