Soda Pop Motherlode in Frederick Maryland

North Market Pop Shop

North Market Pop Shop located in Frederick, Maryland.

In the mood for some chocolate covered maple bacon flavored soda? Want to add a twist of irony to your next house party or shindig by serving your guests some icy-Cold War Leninade? Or do you miss the unusual, almost painful flavor of Moxie cola from Maine? If you answered yes to any of these questions or you’re just a soda pop fiend, a motherlode of soda is available for your sipping and guzzling pleasure at the North Market Pop Shop in Frederick, Maryland.

This delightful, petite shop in historic Frederick stocks a whopping 115 different varieties of soda, including 24 varieties of root beer alone!

You can also stop in for some thick, gooey, locally made ice cream, a hot dog, or some hot cider on a cold winter’s day. As you probably already guessed, you can also score an ice cream float here, albeit in a flavor combination you have probably never experienced before.

A limited amount of seating is available out front where you can also ogle the creative storefront window (which currently

Wall of Soda at North Market Pop Shop

Wall of Soda at North Market Pop Shop in Frederick, Maryland.

contains a delightful mix of retro toys interspersed with colorful soda bottles).

Walking into the store, you might experience childlike glee and have to suppress yourself from jumping up and down with excitement, or else you might feel petrified, overwhelmed by the sheer quantity of fizzy beverage options arrayed before you.

Don’t worry, you are encouraged to mix and match, so take home a 6-pack for less than $15. The friendly and informative staff can recommend some options if you can’t decide what you want. Pick up a convenient bottle opener while you’re there,¬†too, and you are all set, ready to embark upon your journey of carbonated bliss.

On a final note, Jolt cola lovers, North Market Pop Shop stocks not just one but two varieties of Jolt, so you can resume your ill-advised addiction now! This hard to find uber-caffeinated¬†cola has been the inspiration behind thousands of term papers authored in the middle of the night; one could say it was the original “energy drink” of the 1980s. Please drink responsibly!

North Market Pop Shop

237 North Market Street in Downtown Frederick