Goya Coconut Soda for a Hot Friday Night


Refresco Goya Coconut Soda

Refresco Goya Coconut Soda

Refresco Goya specializes in tropical flavored sodas and is part of the largest Hispanic American owned business in the United States. Once only available in specialty grocery stores, these sodas are now foundĀ in many mainstream chains like Wegmans, where I picked up my bottle.

Goya Coconut Soda is not as intense as some of the other fruity flavors this brand makes, so a person who wants a subtle soda rather than in-your-face fruit taste might prefer this one.

The flavor of this soda kind of builds up over time. My first sip tasted like a sugar bomb, all sweetness. My second and third sips were very creamy, very similar to a generic cream soda. Only on the fourth or fifth sip did the coconut taste finally hit me. Again, this drink is probably for someone who wants high sugar content and subtle flavor. If you don’t like vanilla, skip this one.

Although I findĀ this soda to be tasty enough for cooling down on a hot Friday night, it’s not my favorite Goya offering. I actually am one of those people who wants an in-your-face fruit sensation when I try a new bebida.

So I will continue to forge ahead, sampling every new soda I can and hunting for a coconut soda that has a bolder flavor.

Where I got my soda: Wegmans

Where you can get your soda: Hispanic American specialty grocery stores and Wegmans