A Natural and Organic Moisturizer for Those Who Dislike or Have Allergies to Argan Oil: Rosehip Oil

InstaNatural Rosehip Oil

InstaNatural Rosehip Oil

Coming from a northern European background, I was familiar with the use of rosehips for tea, in sweet fruity soups and as a dietary supplement, but I had never tried rosehip oil–until now.

This rosa mosqueta Rosehip Oil by InstaNatural is certified organic, completely natural and packed with fatty acids, which slough off dry skin cells, then seal in your skin’s natural moisture.

I tested the rosehip oil before a long, hot shower to see if it would penetrate fast and last (rather than rinsing off). I put the oil on my hands and on some dry sun damaged spots on my legs, rubbed it in for a few seconds, waited a few seconds more, then jumped right into the shower. It worked! The oil had sunk in, and the water from the shower beaded up on my skin, proving the rosehip oil had already created a barrier against moisture loss. (If you want all over body hydration, combine the use of this rosehip oil with drinking lots of water and clear fluids.)

I am so glad this oil is fast absorbing, because I don’t want to ever feel damp, oily or greasy. It smoothes on and sinks in after only a few seconds so you don’t have to wait a long time before using your hands, washing, etc.

The scent reminds me of twigs and branches–kind of a green smell, for lack of a better way to describe it. It’s not pleasant exactly, but it dissipates fast, so you won’t smell it for long at all. The company notes this scent is the odor of the omega 3 fatty acids.

I received a free bottle of this product in exchange for an honest review.

Where I got my rosehip oil: Amazon

Where you can get your rosehip oil: Amazon