The best things in life are bubbly.


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A brisk, bracing Italian cappuccino to help wake you up at dawn. A hot bubble bath after an arduous day at work. Sipping champagne from a delicate glass flute at your best friend’s wedding. Blowing bubbles with your niece in the summertime. Guzzling green apple soda when you’re totally parched. Foamy surf crashing to shore at the beach. Moisturizing lather in the shower. A thick head forming on your lager as you perch on a bar stool in your favorite neighborhood dive. Receiving a scalp massage during your shampoo at the spa. Strawberry milkshakes and frothy chocolate floats.

The best things in life are bubbly, that’s for sure.

This blog–which celebrates all things effervescent–was launched by me, Miss Bubbles, in spring 2014, just as the first few snowdrop blossoms emerged, heralding an end to one of the wettest, snowiest, coldest winters the Mid-Atlantic region has seen in years.

After so many months of dealing with freezing temperatures and thumping around in clunky snow boots, it’s uplifting to contemplate bubbles, which are all about light and flight, delicacy, levity and fun–characteristics I also associate with spring. What a perfect time of year to launch a new blog.