My Obsession with Sea Buckthorn Berries: Sibu Beauty Bar

Sibu Beauty Bar

Sibu Face and Body Bar with Sea Buckthorn

I’m Finnish American, and the last time I went to Finland to see my family, my health conscious aunt taught me about the antioxidant benefits of the beautiful orange sea buckthorn berry, which is high in vitamin C and great for the skin.

It is believed that because the sea buckthorn plant can thrive in harsh northern environments, it can help skin cells to withstand free radicals and sun damage, primarily because the berries contains essential fatty acids in addition to the antioxidants.

All I know is these berries are gorgeous–such a vibrant, cheerful color–and packed with vitamins, and Sibu Beauty has used them in a delightful face and body bar that tingles slightly and rinses clean without leaving skin feeling tight.

My skin is normal to oily, so while this bar worked great for me, I suspect it might be a bit too tingly for those with sensitive skin; however, Sibu Beauty has other offerings containing sea buckthorn available, so you can likely find a different Sibu formulation to better suit tender skin while still benefiting from the inclusion of the berries.

Where I found my face and body bar: A gift from my husband.

Where you can get your face and body bar: Try the link above to Sibu Beauty or try